Personalised Cushion
Rainbow Bouquet
3 Letter, Based Name Tributes
Teddy Bear
White Swirl
Christmas Cube
Small Pink Bear
Small Plush Bear
Pink Plush Flower
Blue Plush Flower
Wall Planter
Personalised Brown Crate
Large Seasonal Planted Basket
Floral Names
White Wreath
7 Letter, Based Name Tributes
Double Heart
Winter Wonder
Winter Warmth
Purple candle arrangement
Red Mistletoe
Rustic Christmas
Olive Trees
Phalaenopsis Orchid Plant
Overflowing Trug
Extra Large Lantern
6 Letter, Based Name Tributes
Mellow Yellows
White Orchid Corsage
Wicker Lantern
Country Sheaf
Pretty Heart
Giant Metal Lilies
Winter Trug
Red and Purple Casket Spray
Rustic Trug with Prosecco
Champagne bucket
Garden Bench
Small Mothers Day basket
Large Mothers Day baskets
Country Garden Bouquet
A Fine Romance
Golden Blooms
Baby Girl Basket
Baby Boy basket
Helium Balloon
Teachers Posy
Box of Chocolates
Wedding Gift Hamper
New Baby Hamper
Cream posy
Rose and Lysianthus Posy
Bespoke Heart
Single Letters
Simple Posy
Christmas Chocolates
Christmas Flower Crate
Personalised small crates
Olive Trees
Olive Trees
Traditional Fruit Wreath
Tartan Bow Wreath
Silver Sparkle Wreath
Gold Christmas Wreath
Gold Glitzy Wreath
Merry Christmas Flower Bag
4 Letter, Based Name Tributes
Woodland Posy
Contemporary Wreath
Sunshine Posy
Red Rose Wreath
Purple Wreath
Lily Sheaf
Isn't she lovely...
Purple Planted Trug
Ivory Trug
Florist Choice Planted Basket
2) Hand Tied bouquet workshop Saturday 6th August
Loose Heart
Traditional Heart
Traditional Cross
Bertie Bassett
Blue Trug
Forget Me Not
Irish Flag
Sunny Sheaf
Peaches and cream
A Kiss
Woodland Charm
Luxury Flower Box
Baby Boy Bouquet
Baby Girl Bouquet
Luxury Hatbox
Seasonal Bright Wreath
Red White and Blue
Red Festive Vase
Traditional Table arrangement
Musical Note
Rose Gold
Large Rose Basket
Pretty Pinks
Box of Flowers
You Are My Sunshine Basket
Florist Choice Basket
Large Planted Basket
Love Grows Here
Roses in the Garden
Butterflies & Roses
An Elegant Vase
Lemon and Lime
Colour Pop
The Flower Of Love
Sunshine Radiance
PS I Love You
Home Sweet Home
Bring a Smile
Emerald Kiss
A Basket That Delights
The Happy Vase
Time For Tea
Lilac Enchantment
Morning Grace
Sunny Meadow
Vintage Flowers
Pink Basket
Luxurious Basket
Heart Shaped Tributes
Coffin and Casket Floral
Single Ended Spray
Pink Massed Wreath
White Tied Sheaf
Funeral Posy
Coffin Spray Red Roses
Loose Ring Wreath
Funeral Cross
Peeping Peonies
Yellow and Blue Hand Tied Sheaf
Blue and white single ended spray
Red White and Blue Single Ended Spray
Mixed ivory corsage
Hand bag corsage
Ivory and silver wrist corsage
Pink and Silver wrist corsage
Red Rose wrist corsage
pink Rose with diamante wrist corsage
Ivory Rose wrist corsage
Natural Cross
Anthurium Casket Spray
White hand tied sheaf
Purple Trug
Red Rose Posy
Pint of Beer
Diamond Wedding Basket
Glass Bowl Terrarium
Small Christmas Bear
White Wicker Trug
Simple Cushion
6) Workshop Gift Certificate
Bespoke Workshop
I Love You teddy bear
Valentines Balloon
Perfect Purples
Summer Jug
Luxury Birthday Bouquet
Bright Casket Spray
Drops of Pink
Drops of Yellow
Special Thoughts
A Country Basket
Scents Of Heaven
Ray Of Sunshine
Dusky Pink Posy
Vintage Wreath
American Flag
Fish Tribute
A slice of cake
Bright Heart
Rose Hat Box
Luxury Whites
4) Autumnal Wreath Workshop Saturday 22nd October 2.00 pm
5) 'Flower Things' Floristry Kit
Seasonal Pink Trug
Yellow Seasonal basket
vintage heart
Willow Heart Sheaf
Red White and Blue Casket Spray
Red Rose Casket Spray
Lily and yellow Freesia Casket Spray
Presentation Box in Pink
Presentation Box in Yellow
Safari Mix Small Wrap
Safari Mix Medium Wrap
Presentation Bouquet in Cream
Standing Dog
3D VW Beetle
Casket Garland
Florist Choice Bouquet
Outdoor Planted Basket
Temp Bouquet
Lilac and Cream Hand Tied Sheaf
Pink Hand Tied Sheaf
Purple Hand Tied Sheaf
Lily Hand Tied Sheaf
Pink and Orange Casket Spray
Ivory Rose Casket Spray
Yellow and white wreath
Natural Wreath
Seasonal Bright Heart
Lilac and Cream Heart
Red Rose Heart
Loose Cushion
Lily and white Freesia casket spray
Lily and lilac casket spray
Pink Wreath
Purple Heart
Rustic Heart
Strawberries and Cream Posy
Seasonal Pastel Casket Spray
Red White and Green Posy
Rubber Duck
Statice Bunch
Dried Mixed Bunch
Mixed Dried Jug in Cream
Mixed Colourful Dried Jug
Red Phalaris Bunch
Wheat Bunch
Dried Vase Arrangement
Wheat Milk Churn
Lavender Bunch
5 Letter, Based Name Tributes
Scented Wellbeing Candle by Everything's Rosie
Valentines Hatbox
ACHIEVE Coffee Scented Candle
BRAVE Amber and Ginger Lily Scented Candle
EMPOWER Pink Peppercorn Scented Candle
HAPPINESS French Vanilla Scented Candle
POSITIVE Wood Sage and Sea Salt Scented Candle
RELAX Orange and Cinnamon Scented Candle
Red Rose Sheaf
Red and White Wreath
Lysianthus Casket Spray
Lilac Wreath
Red and Yellow Rose Casket Spray
Lily and Pink Rose casket Spray
Yellow Hand Tied Sheaf
Country Casket Spray
Bright Handtied Sheaf
Well Being Gift Set 'RELAX'
Well Being Gift Set 'Brave'
Well Being Gift Set
Well Being Gift Set 'Positive'
Well Being Gift Set 'Happiness'
Scottish Flag
Gates of Heaven
Pink and Orange Posy
Football Wreath
Italian Flag
Double Decker Bus
Wooden Planter
Hand Tied Sheaf Florist Choice
Weekly Subscription In Water
Fortnightly Subscription in Water
Monthly Subscription in Water
Weekly Subscription Just Wrapped
Fortnightly Subscripton Just Wrapped
Monthly Subscription Just Wrapped
Monthly DIY Subscription Flowers
The Everything's Rosie Flower Subscription
Monthly House Plant Subscription
Yellow Rose Casket Spray
Yellow and Purple Casket Spray
Monkey Tribute
Bingo Board
Summer Vase Workshop JUNE null
Summer Vase Workshop JUNE null
House Plant Gift Set
3) Country Trug Workshop Saturday 10th September
Yellow and White Single Ended Spray
Country Garden Funeral Collection
Bespoke Floral Frames
Simple Range Funeral Collection
Florist Choice House Plant
Venus Head
Lysianthus Collection
Red White and Blue Collection
Lily and Lilac Freesia single ended spray
Autumnal Single Ended Spray
How Not To Kill Your House Plant Book
Simple Flower Arranging Book
Flower Arranging Book
Wreaths Book
New Born Gift Set
Pastel Footed Bowl Arrangement
Secret Hat Box
Sherry Bottle
Rugby Ball
Train Tribute
Peaches and Cream Casket Spary
Purple and Lilac Casket spray
Blue and Cream Wreath
Pretty Pink Casket Spray
Football Heart
White Single Ended Spray
Bottle vase set
White Seasonal Posy
Bright Single Ended Spray
1) Patio Table Arrangement Workshop Saturday 16th July 2.00 pm
Platinum Jubilee Bouquet
Summer Vase
Pouting Lady Arrangement
Candle Trio