Preserved Roses

Looking for that perfect gift that will last a little longer than a bouquet? Then look no further than our unique preserved rose arrangements. Preserved using a 100% plant based bio degradeable formula and available in a wide range of colours and styles, these roses are guaranteed for 730 days with no maintenance and make the perfect gift for any occasion. All arrangements will be luxury gift wrapped. 



Care Info of rose arrangements

May be removed from packaging . Kept indoors. Absolutely maintenance- free. To clean, use damp (not wet) cloth and /or hairdryer with cool function. Minimum chance of insect or mildew attacks on the plants. Risk free for allergy sufferers. If you wish to preserve the 'everlasting beauty'  of preserved plants, place them in rooms of temperatures between 5-30 °C and humidity of around 60%.

 Do not store or place in a humid environment, e.g. houses suffering from damp or rooms with high humidity like bathrooms etc. High humidity may cause discolouration, colour leakage, staining etc.
 Do not expose to direct sunlight, do not place them close to light bulbs and other high temperature/light radiation sources  (they cause colours to fade and roses to dry out).
 Do not place on surfaces treated with lacquers or oils. Not applicable for arrangements and trees in ceramic pots.

 Excessive touching and checking whether the flowers are real may cause mechanical damage (petals splitting from bloom etc.)

All arrangemeents are packaged in transparent protective boxes for easy transport. Boxes are fully recyclable -  Box size L12 x W12 x H12 cm or L12 x W12 x H16