How Not To Kill Your House Plant Book

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How Not To Kill Your House Plant Book

How Not to Kill Your Houseplant: Survival Tips for the Horticulturally Challenged

Give Your Plants a Chance!

If you're horticulturally challenged and can't keep a house plant alive to save your life, then this book is for you! This practical guide to raising indoor plants equips you with the know-how you need to care for your plants.

Inside the pages of this comprehensive gardening book, you'll discover:
- Tips on watering and feeding plants.
- Advice on how to choose the perfect house plants for your unique space and needs.
- Helpful survival tips and simple ways not to kill your plants.
- Everything you need to know about lighting for house plants, from natural to artificial lighting sources.
- Learn to spot the danger signs in unhealthy indoor plants and the effective techniques on how to rescue them.


Written by Veronica Peerless, this is the perfect addon to any of our new houseplant range.

Add to any order or pop in store and pick out your new favourite house plant.


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